So you did it, or at least you almost did it. Learning was yesterday, now you want to really take off. Now that you’ve finally finished your studies in electrical engineering, automation engineering, or both. Sure, you can go into big industry. Where you contribute with your work step by step small parts to the big whole. And step by step climb a little higher in the great hierarchy.


You pick up momentum as a hardware or software engineer automation (m/f/d) with the colleagues of the TRIPS Group. And you call them all by their first names. You quickly take on your own projects and contribute your own ideas. You enjoy a family atmosphere, good salary and fair conditions. Your ability to think outside the box shows you the direction in which you can advance with us. So the best thing to do now is to apply first. On the pages for our current vacancies.

Internship: One step ahead

The examination regulations require it? Or you would like to expand your practical knowledge on your own initiative? The TRIPS Group is your internship partner. You independently take on subtasks in challenging projects. You learn to assess your own strengths and preferences even better, to deepen them and to implement them in concrete problem-solving processes in a targeted manner.

Dual study: Two in one stroke

With the dual study program in electrical engineering, you will have two degrees after about four and a half years: The electrical engineering certificate and the bachelor’s degree. You will complete your apprenticeship faster and you will also have excellent chances of being hired by the company or on the job market. And you receive a regular apprenticeship salary and don’t have to worry about getting hotly sought-after part-time jobs.

Thesis: Picking up speed on the final run

The days of acquiring theoretical knowledge are almost over? You have a solid foundation and should prove that you can apply this know-how independently in the context of typical engineering tasks? At TRIPS Group, you are highly welcome with your contemporary, practice-oriented topics for your thesis and will be specifically supervised.

Our human resources office will be happy to answer your questions at +49 (0) 97 23 / 91 97-0.