A team becomes strong by the passionate commitment of all participants and cooperation, which enables the intensive expert and personal exchange.

This cooperation has a long cultivated tradition at TRIPS. During the year we find numerous occasions. Apart from project, office and factory fun is then our focus.

One classic is our annual Christmas party for all TRIPS colleagues, another our barbecue in summer. For this the whole family in invited, children are professionally cared, good food and drinks are served.

A further highlight is the annual company run „WÜ2RUN“ in Würzburg, where our running team joins for running, sweating and comparing the running pace. Similar happens at the Rowdy River Raft Race in Schweinfurt, where our paddling enthused colleagues are all in the same boat and give its best in the fight for a good place.

Besides that we frequently meet within the departments in small groups and an informal atmosphere for joint activities at several occasions.