A strong team is based on the passionate commitment of all those involved and a spirit of partnership that makes an intensive professional and personal exchange possible in the first place. We are not only a family-owned company, but our entire team and each employee is a part of the TRIPS family. That is why we live and work in a family atmosphere and under the motto “Our Business is family business”.

In this way, we create a common culture where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Company events are an important part of that, and they happen on numerous occasions throughout the year, away from projects, offices, and workshops, where the focus is on fun.

In addition to our annual Christmas party for all colleagues of the TRIPS team, we always have our barbecue in the summer, to which the whole family is always invited. The children will be professionally supervised and there will be plenty of food and drinks. Even if something comes up, there is always a creative idea for a replacement. For example, in the Corona year, there was a barbecue package for each person, so that everyone could still have a “barbecue”.

Furthermore, in addition to weekly back classes, there are also sports highlights. Every year, a TRIPS #läuftautomatic running team competes in the “Wü2Run” company run in Würzburg or the MainCityRun in Schweinfurt. Here we run together, sweat and then compare the running times over refreshments. It’s a similar story at the Rowdy River Raft Race in Schweinfurt, where our paddle-loving colleagues are in “one boat” giving their best in the fight for a good placing.

Lastly, since our staff excursion in 2016, the following photo of our Vineyard Olympics documents that everyone at TRIPS is pulling in the same direction.

There are always reasons to celebrate, especially when you’ve earned it. Over the years, the setting has always adapted according to the occasion – but one thing has never changed: the entire team has always been there! For example, the 25th anniversary was celebrated with a raft trip, and for the 30th anniversary, a production hall was redecorated as a “banqueting hall”. For the 40th anniversary of TRIPS and 30 years of company succession by Caroline Trips and Christian Trips there was a big party in the Kulturhalle Grafenrheinfeld together with customers and employees.

Independently of the company activities, departmental or group internal activities also take place in a smaller circle and casual setting. The events range from bowling to a visit to a climbing gym to watching football together in the company conference room.