Fossil Power

The presently biggest part of our energy mix is provided by the sources oil, gas and coal. For the supply of reliable automation and control technology the team of the TRIPS group provides longtime know-how from international projects dealing with mining, conveying, and refinery of the resources as well as for the erection or modernization of the appropriate power plant technology.

Oil and Gas

As a reliable partner of well-known power plant constructors TIRPS delivers protection and control switchgears for oil and gas production plants. We provide the required experience and knowledge for plant controls in the field of Ex-proof and hazardous substances.

Technology solutions for the control of the tank farms and tank cleaning plants also are provided by TRIPS as well as for modern and high efficient combined cycle power plants, petrochemical and air separation plants.

The required substations along the transmission grids are also equipped with TRIPS protection and control cabinets.

TRIPS switchgears are furthermore found in gas pipeline stations, where they are applied for the monitoring, control and communication via telecommunication and video management system.