The growing demand for water as a resource requires efficient handling and sustainable management of our reserves. For unlike the equally limited fossil resources for energy production, water is irreplaceable for mankind.

Sewage treatment plants

Drainage companies and sewage treatment plants make a central contribution to securing supplies for industry, households and agriculture. Throughout its corporate history, TRIPS has been able to gather and apply well-founded industry know-how in this field of activity in numerous projects. TRIPS has installed, modernized and optimized modern EMSR technology in the processes and stages of wastewater treatment for numerous municipal water suppliers.

Water treatment

TRIPS has an electrotechnical home even in the field of water treatment TRIPS is also experienced in water treatment and desalination. Plant engineers draw on specialized expertise when equipping plants for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis with modern automation technology. If required, TRIPS can also supply this as a container plant including CAD engineering, process control system, switchgear as well as remote monitoring (TRIMOTE) and commissioning.