The production of glass products requires machine and manufacturing concepts, which provide for the currently harsh market conditions. Fresh wind is blowing for plant engineering as well as manufacturing companies of the glass industry, even though especially glass is demanded by different industries. Constantly rising energy costs, dwindling resources, sharp pricing pressure, and more and more alternate products, for example, composite packaging, are even tightening the market conditions.

TRIPS knows these conditions from longtime project experience with buyers of nearly any sector of the glass and plastics industry and attends their automation projects with appropriate expertise. Examples are the machine control of batch chargers for melters, bottling plants, glass tube cracking plants, ground-glass plants, cock sleeve machines, and many more production units for the manufacturing of glass products.

Our engineering and switchgear construction experts provide first-class solutions beginning with CAD circuit diagram design over the programming of the SPS controls and process control systems up to assembly, wiring, and test of the switchgears and commissioning of the systems.