The safe and economical conveying, sorting, storage and picking affects significant the efficient production of piece and bulk goods. Optimized transportation capacities and routes without down-times are the basis for a cost-saving in-plant flow of materials.

The TRIPS automation experts team builds for you this basis by means of innovate control and drives technology for the appropriate conveyors. Numerous customers of a wide range of application trust in this. If it is the lime work, which relies on TRIPS route control solutions or if it is the distribution center, whose conveyors and picking control technology operates 68.000 pallet slots safely, if it is the airport, whose luggage conveyor runs failure-free or if it is a theater, whose stages are moved reliably with TRIPS technology: It is always the knowledge and experience of our about 200 colleagues belonging to hardware and software engineering as well as to switchgear construction, who enable that.