Altering multi-channel media use requires highest flexible production technology for paper and printing industry. Its efficiency depends significant on output and printing speed coming along with little rejection rates and minimal changeover times. Highest quality of the final good is implied by customers anyway.

Printing presses

The simple handling and steadiness of the complex production machines used for the paper and printing industry requires an accordingly thought-out automation. TRIPS has been providing suitable switchgears for decades with a high professional and industry expertise. International leading press manufacturing companies trust in this. The same applies to machines for processing wood, the most important raw material.

Print colours

TRIPS has convincing automation skills even in further segments of the printing industry, for example regarding the manufacturing of print colours. Our engineers and technicians design perfected process control solutions for print colour manufacturing including the needed binders and control of the pigment mills.

Our scope includes the entire automation beginning with electrical engineering and documentation over switchgear assembly, wiring and test up to software engineering of the PLCs and visualizations as well as commissioning.