Exciting lectures, marketplace for founder and workshops during the whole night for the start-up teams was the offer in the FHWS in cooperation with the Wirtschaftsjunioren Schweinfurt and different sponsors. As a result, the six teams presented their concepts at the Entrepreneur’s Breakfast in 10 minutes pitches of a jury.

With full commitment, all ideas were worked out with different approaches.

A furniture concept that push retailers to avoiding vacancies, augmented reality that helps students or pupils learn at school, the House of the Future, where everything is exchanged and shared for multiple uses or an e-gaming event promoting e-sports in the Franconian area. Every idea was unique and exciting.

At the end, the best idea was awarded by online voting and jury decision.

All in all, the event was a great success and also shows what potential and entrepreneurial spirit exist in the Schweinfurt area. TRIPS gladly supports events like these in cooperation with the Wirtschatfsjunioren.


Plakat 1.CAMPUS Start-up NIGHT