What an evening! TRIPS celebrated its 40th anniversary with a big jubilee party with about 350 customers, suppliers and employees.

Digital generation; Linus Trips welcomes Florian Töpper, Sebastian Remelé and Dr. Klaus D. Mapara by WhatsApp Chat
and Dr. Klaus D. Mapara by WhatsApp Chat

The event was opened with an entertaining and exciting talk by Linus Trips as “Next Generation”, Florian Töpper (Landrat), Dr. Klaus D. Mapara (IHK President) and Sebastian Remelé (Oberbürgermeister) with moderator Dirk Denzer. Caroline and Christian Trips then showed how the family business has developed since it was taken over in 1989, which customers have had a great deal of influence and where the journey “tomorrow” should go. In this context they also presented the new image film of TRIPS.

Due to the 20-year partnership with Siemens, CEO of the Digital Industries Division Klaus Helmrich congratulated in person and gave interesting insights in an interview with Christian Trips and Dirk Denzer.

“It was a great night. Starting from the view into the past until today – as well as the view to “Tomorrow”. Framed by international food, underpinned by exciting “talks” with politics and business. The fact that the whole thing is a balancing act that needs to be mastered, but also has a lot to do with action and acrobatics, was perfectly staged – up to a relaxed conclusion.”

With the balance act of Miyoko Shida Rigolo and a powerful “deceleration” we went over to the buffet. Afterwards also MdL and Secretary of State Gerhard Eck expressed his praise and appreciation for the performance of the company TRIPS.

With a short presentation of the TRIPS executives, the breakdance show of the DDC was accompanied by a long party night.