TRIPS – specialist for automation and digitization solutions

The company TRIPS in Grafenrheinfeld has changed in the more than 40 years of its existence from a classic “switch cabinet manufacturer” to a specialist for the automation and digitalization of machines, plants and buildings. During a visit, Anja Weisgerber, member of the Bundestag, informed herself about the work of the company, which plans, commissions and supports plants all over the world from its home base. Among other things, the technology and know-how from Grafenrheinfeld ensure that wind power from the North Sea is fed into the grid on land or that blast furnaces, printing presses, sewage treatment plants and power stations can be controlled worldwide.

“The regular exchange with companies from my constituency is an important concern for me, especially now in these difficult times”, emphasized the Member of Parliament, who was welcomed by the two managing directors Caroline Trips and Christian Trips. Weisgerber, who is also the climate protection representative of the CDU/CSU faction, was impressed by the sustainability lived in the company: “TRIPS makes a great contribution to the intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy and resources in buildings and plants through its automation solutions.”

A photovoltaic system has been in operation on the roof of the company building since 2010. This saves around 27 tonnes of CO² emissions every year. In addition, a combined heat and power plant and a wood chip plant are in operation at the company’s site in Grafenrheinfeld, where engineers from all over the world are employed.

“Digitization is also playing an increasingly important role in industry,” says Weisgerber. This also applies to the company in Grafenrheinfeld. Linus Trips, as representatives of the next generation, Michael Strauß and Christoph Monzel, all three managing directors of the newly founded company HUBSTER.S specialize in data networking. Automation and digitalisation merge with each other. The aim is to make production in industry even more efficient and transparent. “I am always pleased to see how medium-sized companies are successfully continued over generations”, says Anja Weisgerber.

“As an innovative medium-sized company, TRIPS is also breaking new ground in the training of skilled workers and has been offering a dual course of study for several years,” says Weisgerber happily. In cooperation with the Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences, the company is completing a bachelor’s degree course with a strong practical focus as well as training as an electronics engineer. The practical phases during the lecture-free period take place at TRIPS. There is also a regular training allowance for this, so that the obligatory part-time job can be omitted for the students.

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