In the mid of April Mrs. Caroline Trips took part in a delegation journey to Mexico under Erwin Huber´s (retired minister of state and member of the Bavarian parliament) patronage. Many politically and economically influential persons and deciders visited companies and institutions in cities like Guadalajara, Puebla or Mexico City.

During this journey a lot of individual and interesting discussions with Mexican entrepreneurs, company owners and politicians were held. More over this factories of BMW or Audi as well as the operating company of the Mexico City airport were visited. Topics of this delegation journey were competitiveness and sustainability in the background of Digitalization as well as workshops about smart cities and Industry 4.0.

Because TRIPS has already implemented several projects for the Mexican market, has some current projects in progress and furthermore a planned company expansion to Mexico this journey was very interesting and precious.

(on this photo: Mrs. Caroline Trips and Mr. Erwin Huber (retired state minister and member of the Bavarian parliament) / copyright by Bayern International