The organizer and speakers of the further education program of the FHWS and the Siemens AG (pictured left). Jürgen Hartmann, Professor Alexander Dobhan, Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, Professor Bastian Engelmann, Peter Deml and the President Professor Robert Grebner (photo: FHWS / Grebner) welcomed more than one hundred participants from industry, business and science to the new expert talk “Digitalization after Work”.

„The FHWS and Siemens want to promote dialogue on digitization and Industry 4.0 in cooperation with 
small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the metalworking industry in the Regiopolregion Mainfranken.”

Dr. Robert Grebner

The event will be offered three times a year and will offer a modern knowledge transfer with basic knowledge, best practice examples as well as trends and visions. In exciting lectures Dr. med. Wolfgang Heuring, CEO Siemens Motion Control, talked about practical example of “digitization in metalworking” and the opportunities of digitization: the digitalization change everything, it was a revolution, not a downfall. He advised the participants from the middle class, “easy to start, no matter where”, taking along all the employees and to implement the digitization with a great passion. Alongside the process chain, apart from speed, flexibility, quality and efficiency, above all security stands. He sees the Siemens approach to integrating and digitizing the entire value chain particularly in the three modules of “MindSphere” (a cloud-based, open Internet of Things operating system), “MindApps” and “Industrial Egde” computing. Using digital process simulations with digital twins in advance, all products could be virtually “manufactured”, integrated into the production chain with simulations and tested digitally.

Further lectures on practical examples, research projects and concepts for digitized production planning resulted in a lively exchange of ideas between participants and speakers.