TRIPS launches digitalisation spin-off HUBSTER.S GmbH!

From now on, HUBSTER.S GmbH, the “digitisation partner for medium-sized businesses”, will support customers in the realisation of their projects in the fields of business intelligence, analytics and digital process optimisation.

For a long time now, TRIPS has seen the enormous potential in the field of digitization, also in connection with automation. With the spin-off HUBSTER.S and the three managing directors Christoph Monzel, Michael Strauß and Linus Trips, the company focuses on the digitalization of business processes with BI-Business Intelligence and OI-Operational Insights.

In the Business Intelligence (BI) area, the focus is on aggregating data from different sources in order to extract the important key figures with the help of Microsoft’s Power BI. This enables you to make more informed and faster decisions, for example in the area of liquidity planning, the evaluation of sales data or the assessment of sourcing strategies in purchasing.

HUBSTER.S considers itself to be particularly well positioned in the OI sector, as Linus Trips explains: “Thanks to our expertise in engineering and digitisation, we are able to create process-optimising concepts for any type of customer and implement them quickly and cost-effectively by using Edge devices, PowerBI and the Azure Cloud from Microsoft”. Thus, TRIPS customers will also benefit from HUBSTER.S in the future.

Here you will find HUBSTER.S