A great donation of money that gives warmth: The photo shows Noah (left) and Benny (right) from the left, framed by the two artists: Martina Gießübel (Förderkreis Maria Schutz), Caroline Trips, Christian Trips, Stefanie Kimmel (General Manager Jugendhilfezentrum), Sebastian Wenzel (Project Manager “Rafeldinio”) Photo: Daniela Schneider

As part of the 40th anniversary of TRIPS, the two siblings Caroline and Christian Trips, who have been running the worldwide operating company for 30 years now, have decided to accept donations for a local project instead of gifts. According to Managing Director Caroline Trips, it was important for us to donate the money to a good cause as a local company in Grafenrheinfeld and so the Caritas Jugendhilfezentrum Maria Schutz was quickly chosen. A proud 13.100 Euros were collected for the anniversary – a sum that even the two managing directors did not expect in this amount, as Christian Trips explains and refers in this connection to business partner Rittal from Herborn in Hesse, who made a significant contribution to the success of the donation with his generous donation.

Stefanie Kimmel, head of the overall furnishing department, and Martina Gießübel, chairman of the support group, also found the joy in making donations “bombastic”. The sum is to be invested for the most part a heating for the facility-own circus project Rafeldinio. At circus performances, especially in spring, it often gets quite fresh, reports circus project manager Sebastian Wenzel, with a district heating system it then trembled for the spectators. In addition, one or two circus rehearsals, which now take place in the furnishing auditorium due to the weather, could possibly be relocated to the tent. For years the circus educational project has been supported by donations and could not take place without the financial support, as Stefanie Kimmel explained at the handing over of the cheque.