Yesterday, we once again welcomed four young female guests to our annual Girls’ Day.

A great format supported by the DIHK [Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer], which gives young women a comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of STEM professions, took place again this year in Grafenrheinfeld. The day with us was much more than just a look behind the scenes of our company. It was an opportunity to gain an orientation for the future and at the same time be inspired by young talents.

What did they see?

On the one hand, we introduced them to the job description of an electronics technician and, on the other, the students accompanied our Managing Director Caroline Trips. As part of the “Ich werde Chefin…” campaign, they were given a unique insight into Caro’s challenging yet fulfilling day-to-day work. From strategic meetings to direct insights into the decision-making process, the girls had the opportunity to experience first-hand what it means to take on a leading role in a company.

What made this day so special was not only the opportunity for the girls to immerse themselves in the world of work, but also the fact that we encouraged them to ask their questions and express their opinions. We firmly believe that the next generation should not only learn, but also be empowered to help shape the future. By giving them the opportunity to experience everyday working life first-hand, we can not only arouse their interest in technical professions, but also strengthen their skills and self-confidence.

Our offer is not only open to the girls who were with us, but to all young people who are interested in gaining an insight into the world of electronics and automation technology. Whether you are a girl or a boy, we welcome you to try your hand at an internship as an electronics technician.

To Lara, Leni, Sophia and Mia: We hope that this day was as exciting and inspiring for you as it was for us. It was a pleasure. See you soon!