Cookies and cake, bread and flour certainly belong to the standard product range of an industrial bakery. Matzo however, which is eaten by religious and traditional Jews during passover, is the specialty of a recently won TRIPS customer. The Israeli industrial bakery exports worldwide this thin, unleavened flat bread as well as numerous more bakery products. 

These products have in common to be baked according to the Jewish rules of cleanness, they are kosher. So the whole production process of the bakery is subject to strict rabbinical control. 

The customer aimed to become more independent of his suppliers and concurrently wanted in particular to assure the reliable quality of his products. So he decided for future to grind the undoubtfully most important ingredient – the flour – by himself. The company assigned a South German plant construction specialist for milling technology to build a new 1.100kW mill for the production of about 1.000 tons of flour a day. 

For this plant TRIPS supplies as subcontractor the process control system basing upon Simatic PCS 7 to control the plant. The system consists of an operator station, operating terminals including remote maintenance and the switchgear. It controls about 1.200 signals, beginning with the truck delivery over the grinding process and silo storage up to the truck loading or blower conveyance directly into the bakery. Various components are integrated in the plant via BUS system. 

To comply the strict Jewish dietary laws it has to be assured, that the whole process of a production batch runs without interruption and that no water is getting in contact with the grain respectively the flour untimely.

The plant is likely to be commissioned in autumn 2013.

Definition “Kosher”
The term kosher is determined in the Jewish dietary laws. They rule the preparation and consumption of meals and drinks. Accordingly food is sectioned in that, which is allowed for consumption („Kosher“) and which is not. Kosher products exclusively are to be manufactured in kosher production lines and may only consist of kosher ingredients. Basically it is essential:

  • Only meat of ruminant and cloven-hoofed animals (cattle, sheep, goat, deer) and poultry (chicken, goose, duck, turkey etc.) is suitable for consumption.
  • The animals have to be butchered in kosher manner, so that all blood of the animal may flow out as possible. Furthermore the meat has to be watered, salted and rinsed before use to minimize the amount of remaining blood.
  • Milk and meat (products) have to be separated as well as the dishes which are going to be used. Neutral food as fruits, vegetables and cereals as well as eggs, honey and fish (with scales and finned) can be consumed together with fleshy as well as with milky food.