The Trips fair team is they very satisfied with the visitors’ response on this year’s Hannovermesse Industrie. It was the fourth time in a row that Trips was part of the Rittal technology partner stand in hall 11. The presented withdrawable low voltage switchgear is based on Rittal Ri4Power and, in contrast to most competitive products, thanks to the patented contacting system, arc fault free.

The number of visitors complied with the previous year and their quality promises good business. Most of the visitors, about 75 %, came from abroad, from Scandinavia to Chile, from Canada to Tunesia.

Besides safety related aspects of the Trips MCC technology it was the exhibited miniature technology which interested the visitors. It became obvious, that this cost-efficient alternative meets the demand of many customers. About 80% of all drives are dimensioned for a capacity up to 3 kW. TRIMOT miniature withdrawable units up to 7,5 kW (3 kW with motor starter SIRIUS 3RM1) need less space, so that four miniature units require the same space in the cabinet as three conventional units of 75 mm. Both can be combined at each cabinet position.

Since its market launch in 2011 the MCC solution has been found in numerous applications. For example a Chilean iron pellets producer uses the system. TRIMOT controls all heating feeders of the central grease lubrication, the oil lubrication, the trace heating, the hydraulic pump and the cable feeders for the control cabinet used in a highly efficient roller press for the ore grinding.

TRIMOT has similar duties for a Chinese steel producer or in a Swedish harbour, where water pumps are driven by the flexibly modifiable system.

Satisfied customers and not least the good conversations on the fair prove, that the design convinces beyond the typical application in process industry. The reasons are the broad field of use, a high level of personnel safety and availability as well as the simple maintenance of the TRIMOT withdrawable technology.

Detailed information will be found on our TRIMOT-Site.