More and more customers recognize the advantages of object-oriented engineering with the plant engineering software COMOS. At TRIPS, we have dedicated a separate department to this topic since the launch of the software and are always up to date for our customers. Now we are one step further. Last year, we focused heavily on the continuing education of our colleagues. So our COMOS team can provide our customers with high-value administration and programming tasks.

We held training sessions on the COMOS platform and P&ID for a full four days in the Siemens City building in Vienna. Through intensive exchange with the participants, our team was also able to gain new know-how, which we pass on directly to our customers.

Advantages of Integrated Engineering with COMOS

  • reduce your project lead times through faster, more efficient engineering
  • save costs by always having up-to-date and consistent data
  • faster commissioning due to reduction of errors and rework
  • the global database enables all project participants to work together more effectively

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