As a leading system house for automation, process control systems and IoT, TRIPS GmbH is pleased to announce that it is now officially a climate-neutral company. With this significant step, TRIPS is setting an example of its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

As a company aware of the impact its activities have on the environment, TRIPS is committed to reducing CO2 emissions to an absolute minimum and fully offsetting any remaining emissions.

Emissions have already been successfully reduced through various measures. These include the photovoltaic system that went into operation in 2010, the optimization of energy consumption in all office buildings, including load management, the promotion of energy-efficient working practices and our own combined heat and power plant.

Why are we a climate-neutral company?

To offset the remaining emissions, TRIPS has invested in high-quality climate protection projects. These projects help reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions by, for example, switching to renewable energy, protecting forests or promoting sustainable agriculture. Through these investments, TRIPS fully offsets the remaining emissions and thus actively contributes to climate protection.

Which projects are supported?

With a total of 1,164 certificates, we support a hydropower project in Pakistan, a wind energy project in Mexico, and a hydropower project in Vietnam, which were certified by CER under the sovereignty of the United Nations. The detailed project descriptions can be found at:

TRIPS GmbH hopes that its commitment to climate protection can serve as an example for other companies. The company encourages its customers, suppliers and partners to take similar steps to create a more sustainable future together.