The youngest daughter of the TRIPS group has grown up. A good year after foundation of TRIPS engineering services gmbH & co. kg the company is well established in the market. The engineering service provider completes the range of services within the group by thought-out staffing concepts and services in complex automation projects on behalf of famous customers.

One example is the assignment of TRIPS software engineers to support a market-leading supplier of process technology in the food industry reliably with well-founded professional and industry expertise to meet his challenging project aims. TRIPS is certified Siemens Solution Partner in the highest degree “Industry” especially related to food and beverage industry.

Customers worldwide value this industry expertise when they have to meet their short term, temporary and highly specialized requirements for qualified hard- and software engineers, competent project managers or experienced assembly personnel. The TRIPS range of services is broad and is assigned by plant manufacturers as well as by end customers belonging to automotive industry, chemical and pharmaceuticals, energy, logistics and conveyer technology, environmental industry, water and wastewater, paper and printing, lime and cement, plastic, glass and steel industry.

So customers have in command flexible human resources. Meeting the challenge of skills shortages he is relieved him from recruiting tasks and invests into qualification and employee loyalty. This allows planning reliability and reduces fixed costs because TRIPS provides all technological components from the mechanical processing up to system licenses.