As a regional family business, TRIPS GmbH continues to invest in its headquarters in Grafenrheinfeld. Since last November, the entire production has been digitalized at a cost of almost one million euros. Starting with the complete network renewal, hardware and software and ending with computer workstations for all employees.

The past few years have brought rapid advances in digitization, and the automation industry is more than thriving in terms of orders. In addition, the management is always thinking about how they can strengthen the site and invest in their employees. They have now taken the next step with the complete digitization of production.

Creating structures for digitization

For this purpose, appropriate prerequisites also had to be created in advance. For example, IT renewed the entire company network over a period of several months. Hundreds of meters of new network cables and modern WLAN technology ensure smooth operation and make the workplace mobile at the same time. For this purpose, the approximately 100 production employees were equipped with modern Touch PCs. All with the focus on maximum efficiency. Each tool cart with the monitors mounted on it has received new inserts for clear storage of the tools.

Permanently digitalize circuit diagrams

In general, the circuit diagram is the central document for electrical production in mechanical and plant engineering. TRIPS is no exception. From planning to implementation to customer handover, the circuit diagram receives a multitude of changes and revisions. These changes arise in different places. At TRIPS itself, during factory installation on site or during commissioning. In order to hand over complete plant documentation to the customer, all changes at the various points must be collected and entered. Due to the large number of media discontinuities, it is difficult to correctly record these changes and import them back into the CAE system, such as EPLAN, WSCAD or similar. Due to the abstract representation of the electrical circuits, conventional PDF tools are not suitable for digitizing the work with the circuit diagram in a value-added way. That is why TRIPS has chosen the skemdit software.

Now, employees can work digitally on a document more efficiently and across the entire value chain, quickly and easily tracking any changes that arise.

Modern business through cross-departmental communication

Another advantage is faster and direct communication. VDU workstations allow production to be better integrated into meetings and decision-making processes. In addition, Microsoft Teams, as a central hub, provides the perfect platform needed to collaborate and fully share data. Even the complete telephone communication is now mapped via Teams.