Caroline and Christian Trips have been successfully managing the family business from Grafenrheinfeld for 30 years now. From the very beginning, the two siblings have built up and continuously expanded the company. Now this success story will be continued by Linus Trips, the next generation son of Christian. After studying Bachelor International Business and Economics at the FH Schmalkalden, he gained his first experience at SAP in Barcelona and joined TRIPS as Sales Manager in April. Due to his experience abroad, he speaks fluent English and Spanish. Now he has to get to know the customer structure and processes in his own family business and internalize them.

l.t.r. Caroline Trips (Management), Linus Trips (Sales Manager), Christian Trips (Management)

In the next few years until 2025, TRIPS will also change completely from a classic “switch cabinet manufacturer” to a system house. With its engineering specialists and its own digitization department, the company is also ideally positioned here.