We realize your turnkey version or support you with individual steps of your digitization. This will give you an initial overview in advance, which we will be looking forward to discussing in more detail in a personal consultation.


The more digital the world becomes, the more options there are for a company to evolve. We work with you to identify your potential in digitisation, automation and industry 4.0. Ideation/Design Thinking workshops will help you discover your strengths and lay the foundation for your company’s digital alignment.

IIoT Connect

We make your plant “ready for IIoT”, provide connectivity to the digital world in the form of interfaces for your field devices, sensors, actuators or PLCs. With our many years of experience in automation, you will benefit from our know-how in the areas of PCS7, WinCC, B&R, PLCNext, OPC UA, ProfiNet, EtherCAT, Modbus, etc.

Edge Intelligence

Edge Devices standardize and pre-process your data directly on site so that your existing PLC is relieved. This ensures that only the really relevant data is made available for the cloud. This not only increases the effectiveness and quality of your data, but also saves costs for data transfer and storage.


You store your data securely in the backend and it is up to you whether you choose to rely on the leading industrial cloud platforms (Siemens Mindsphere, Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, ABB Ability) with us or provide them locally (On Premise). Using microservices, REST APIs and modern database technology, we will find the right solution for you that can be optimally integrated into your IT ecosystem.

IIoT Cockpit

In the IIoT Cockpit we visualize your machine and plant data in order to give you access to your production key figures (KPIs) at any time and from anywhere. An alerting system proactively informs you if the limit values you have set are exceeded or not reached. Technologically we rely on modern Javascript frameworks such as Angular, React and NodeJS in the frontend.


Tread new paths in foresighted plant maintenance with “Predictive Maintenance”. We make use of modern AI algorithms (Machine Learning) to recognize functional relationships between sensor data and system values in order to draw attention to possible malfunctions in your plant ahead of time. In this way you reduce set-up times to a minimum and increase the productivity of your systems.

Operate & Automate

Be one step ahead by clearing the way for automated and digital optimization of your plant and production. Reduce human-machine interaction to the bare essentials. We are ready for your Industry 4.0 Challenge.