The safety and quality of electrical power supply determines the reliably and efficiently operation of technical plants. This is valid for industry as well as for information technology up to medical devices.

Contemporary concepts for power system and generator protection assure this supply and contribute essentially to an optimal plant availability and to high investment security. At TRIPS internationally experienced key personnel belonging to the divisions Hardware and Software-Engineering, Protection Testing and Commissioning work hand in hand. They are in charge of :

  • Distance Protection
  • Differential Protection (Transformers, circuits, cables)
  • Busbar Protection
  • Ground Fault Protection
  • Generator Protection
  • Motor Protection
  • Over- and Undervoltage Protection

For more than 10 years TRIPS is authorized to use the designation “Siemens Approved Partner” for Siprotec devices and Sicam systems. The range of services includes:

Project Planning

  • Design of power grid and protection concepts within new projects as well as for an upgrading and modernization of existing plants
  • Dimensioning of high voltage power grids and switchgears
  • Dimensioning of the protection devices, calculations
  • Layout: Single Line
  • CAD plan design for HV / MV and protection control switchgears with ELCAD / EPlan


  • Parameterisation of the SIPROTEC devices with 
    application DIGSI 4
  • Parameterisation of the substations control SICAM PAS / Telecontrol Systems RTU

Protection Tests

  • Effective and economic standard and special testing of all types of protection devices
  • Design and operating of the testing procedures
  • Test of the protection technology with OMICRON CMC 356
  • Test of protective earth conductors with Schleich GLP1-e 60204
  • Software-Tests with DIGSI

Switchgear construction

  • Due basis of all current brands as well as special designs including all hardware tests
  • Packaging (incl. seaworthy) and worldwide transport including customs clearing


  • Commissioning of protection and substations control at home and abroad