Water Supply

The growing demand of water resources requires an efficient use and sustainable management of our supply. Because for humans water is not compensable in contrary to our equally limited fossil resources.

Sewage treatment plants

Drainage and sewage treatment plants have an important share to secure the supply of industry, households and agriculture. In his company history TRIPS could accumulate and apply profound industry know-how from hundreds of projects in this field of activity. For numerous municipal water suppliers we have installed, modernized and optimized E&IC technology in the processes and steps of waste water treatment.

Water treatment

TRIPS has an electrotechnical home even in the field of water treatment and desalination. Plant manufacturers access to specialized expertise, when they equip ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis plants with contemporary automation technology. If needed TRIPS delivers them also as container. The scope includes CAD engineering, process control system, switchgears, remote control and commissioning.