Many customers, plant designers and operators face enormous challenges when modernizing or converting their plants due to ever faster innovation cycles, global competition and environmental and safety regulations. A wide variety of tools, high data loss and multiple entries, as well as errors in complex workflows or inconsistent plant documentation must be avoided, solved or optimized.

With COMOS software solutions, we offer you the basis for worldwide, cross-site cooperation between the various trades throughout the entire life cycle of a plant. Through an integrated workflow between plant planning, engineering and automation, TRIPS as a Siemens COMOS partner creates a holistic and seamless engineering based on a globally consistent database. Thus, you receive complete support from our team from the planning phase to commissioning.

Our services:

  • Consulting & Administration in different COMOS versions
  • Hosting of your COMOS environment/workstations and sale of licenses
  • Modularized Engineering
  • COMOS trainings for PFD, P&ID, EMSR, PCS7 interface, MRO, Admin I & II
  • Engineering Services
  • Construction of your database with the creation of master objects and symbol creation according to ISO (EIC, FEED, PID, etc.)
  • Document templates for interactive and evaluative reports
  • Complete electrical planning (EIC)
  • Planning FEED/P&ID and Automation (PAA)
  • Maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO)
  • Creation of a specific library for customers
  • Hardware engineering for control cabinets with COMOS, including: circuit diagrams, cable and terminal strips, BOM, control cabinet construction, etc.
  • P&ID digitization: Creation of P&ID in COMOS according to PFD diagrams and signal list and/or existing P&ID’s
  • PCS7 interface for the creation of hardware structures and logical diagrams in COMOS
  • Interface development to external systems, such as “SISTAR Classic
  • COMOS Web
  • 3D scanning / photogrammetry of brownfield plants, import of 3D plant models into COMOS Walkinside

With our optimization throughout the entire plant cycle, you benefit from a faster time-to-market, minimized operating costs, and through a holistic approach you have innovation and investment security and are always one step ahead thanks to our object orientation!

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