The constant call for flexibility, delivery reliability, and individualized, more complex products requires efficient process handling from raw material procurement to delivery. As a company in the process industry, you have a high level of legal responsibility to protect the environment and consumers.

Stand up to the global competition! Along your value chain, we provide specialists with in-depth automation know-how who are familiar with a wide variety of process sequences from countless projects and can thus optimize your plant.

We use photogrammetry and laser scanning to create a 3D model or point cloud of your existing facility to enhance your digital twin. These models can be used as the basis for Building Information Modeling, or BIM, to effectively design future plans. Whether your project is greenfield or brownfield, we transfer the data into our engineering tools, using already-defined information on the objects to save you money.

NAMUR automation technology for the process industry

In addition, as a member company of NAMUR, we achieve a knowledge advantage for you in the close mutual exchange of experience with high-ranking representatives of the process industry. This knowledge is passed on to you profitably as part of our control technology solutions.