Linchpin of your automation solution is the switchgear. Its high standard, functional- and breakdown security determines the quality of your processes. More than 100 colleagues of our TRIPS manufacturing center feel responsible for this.

In certified processes we assemble, wire and install in very short commissioning times your control and protection switchgears.

Mechanical Assembly

With two CNC processing machines in our mechanical switchgear construction we are able to react flexibly to peaks and to channel up to 50 switchgear assemblies a day into the further production process.

Two wire assembly machines prepare each month up to 120 km of cables for the efficient wiring in a 5.000 sqm measuring production area.

Wire assembly

About 3.000 series-connectable cabinets, single distribution boards, control desks, command fields and terminal boxes leave our workshop every year, even in EX-version or non-standard package form.

Our scope inculudes:

  • consistency check of the contract documentation
  • inspection in accordance with corresponding norms and guidelines.
  • UL and CSA-certification for the American and the Canadian markets
  • EAC (formerly GOST) certification for Russian markets
  • Delivery of the functionally checked system including pre-adjustment of all components
  • mounting containers with control panels, including assembly
  • FAT (Factory acceptance test)
  • updated documentation, according to the inspection at delivery
  • declaration of conformity with low-voltage directive and manufacturer’s declaration of machinery directive