Collecting data centrally, evaluating it, and then storing it in a cloud – thanks to the networking of your systems, this is easily possible nowadays. In the context of this, we talk about IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). At TRIPS, we understand the Industrial Internet of Things to mean the permanent and automatic optimization of our customers’ process flows through the use of collected production data. Because knowledge is power – not only in customer acquisition but also within a company. With IIot Edge Computing, we realize complete automation solutions or support our customers in individual steps to advance digital manufacturing.

Why should you choose IIoT Edge Computing?

Today, many companies already have vast amounts of data from their production process at their disposal. However, due to a lack of knowledge or mature technology, very few companies access this resource. They are neither used nor collected. However, technical developments, such as the 5G mobile communications standard, mean that the use of information will play an even greater role in competition.

The larger the data volumes become, the greater the challenge in evaluating them. Ideally, you generate data processing in real time. Only then is it possible to react flexibly to changes and identify possible potential. At the same time, it is important to adequately secure all information. This is where IIoT Edge Computing helps you.

An IIoT platform in combination with edge computing allows you to collect data within a cloud and then process it directly on-site. As we all know, the volume of data is growing, not shrinking. To avoid having to cope with a flood of (unnecessary) information, edge computing acts as an intermediate step. With IIoT visualization, several hot spots of your production sites are connected to each other, stored centrally but pre-sorted decentrally. This allows you to easily cluster all relevant facts and generate added value from them.

IIoT integration in your processes: Seven steps to success

Below you will find an initial overview of the steps TRIPS can support you in to increase the efficiency of your processes and reduce production costs. In addition, the data provides a completely new view of the company, which can lead to the development of new business areas.

IIoT Consulting

The more digital the world becomes, the more options there are for a company to develop. Together with you, we record your requirements and analyze your existing situation. We can then develop a concept for the implementation of IIoT edge computing in your company and provide you with the necessary knowledge through joint workshops. Whether edge devices, CPs with cloud function, Siemens PCS 7, process visualization, or SCADA – we will find the right strategy for your needs. If necessary, we develop individual solutions that are explicitly tailored to your requirements.

IIoT Connect

We make your plant “ready for IIoT”, and establish connectivity to the digital world in the form of interfaces for your field devices, sensors, actuators, or PLC. We help you integrate the individual hot spots into the system so that they can communicate with each other. This makes it possible to combine existing manufacturing systems with your IT systems.

Edge Intelligence

Via Edge Devices, your data is normalized and pre-processed directly on-site, thus relieving your existing PLC. This ensures that only the most relevant data is made available for the cloud. This not only increases the effectiveness and quality of your data but also saves costs for data transfer and storage.

The combination of IIoT and edge computing helps you to bring the goal of a smart factory within reach. Real-time data collection is increasingly in focus here. Thanks to pre-sorting by edge computing already on the shop floor and IIoT integration of the data, latency times are reduced while resource potential is increased.


You store your data securely in the backend. It is up to you whether you choose to rely on the leading industrial cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, ABB Ability) or provide it on-premise. Using microservices, REST APIs, and modern database technology, we will find the right solution for you, which can be optimally integrated into your IT ecosystem.


Information is irrelevant if not used or not adequately visualized. IIoT edge computing helps you create dashboards and visualize process control. Thanks to edge computing, you send all important data to the cloud synchronously, but monitor your processes on the edge at the same time. Real-time analytics and visualizations give you a meaningful summary of the production chain, for example.


Tread new paths in foresighted plant maintenance with “Predictive Maintenance”. In the context of IIoT edge computing, advanced AI algorithms (machine learning) can be used to identify functional relationships between sensor data and system values. This makes it possible to draw attention to possible malfunctions in your plant at an early stage. In this way, you reduce set-up times to a minimum and increase the productivity of your systems.

Operate & Automate

Be one step ahead by clearing the way for automated and digital optimization of your plant and production. Reduce human-machine interaction to the bare essentials. We are ready for your Industry 4.0 Challenge.

The advantages of IIoT Edge Computing at a glance

Take the next step in digital transformation together with us. Use IIoT Edge Computing not only to control your applications. Use it to further develop your processes and to fully exploit all their existing and still hidden potential. You also get the following benefits that speak for themselves:

  • Don’t just collect data. Use it sensibly and with an eye to the future.
  • Analyze information both locally at the machine (edge) and in the cloud.
  • Understand your processes and uncover optimization potential.
  • Customize your product quality.
  • Detect and correct faults at an early stage.
  • Increase your production (process optimization).
  • Save costs.