Cloud-based SaaS Solutions at the Next Level

As a long-term Siemens Solution Partner, we set new standards in plant engineering with our know-how and expertise for automation solutions in a wide range of sectors of the process industry. With COMOS as an object-oriented engineering tool and the end-to-end communication infrastructure for data across a wide range of engineering disciplines, we bring your project into the cloud.

This is a cloud-based version in which all those involved in the engineering process can access and work on a uniform database. By fully virtualizing the infrastructure, the high entry costs of this solution are greatly reduced and, at the same time, secure storage of the data in the Microsoft Azure data centers in Germany is made possible. However, the complexity of virtualization solutions lies in the implementation, the complicated licensing structures, the customization of the solutions and the procurement of special server hardware.

TRIPS provides its capabilities to simplify the adoption of COMOS as a Service in the following ways:

TRIPS covers:

  • all technical aspects of solution implementation
  • All maintenance works and any troubleshooting issues

Payment structure is:

  • reduced to a transparent OPEX model
  • easily scalable with increasing or decreasing demand

Custom projects are supported by TRIPS through expertise of:

  • Engineering specialists in the field of automation
  • Consultants in financial areas of large-scale automation projects
  • Project management for proof-of-concept topics in the field of automation

Professionally built data infrastructure offers:

  • automatic backup of the customer environment
  • Data storage in German data center
Figure 1: Login and TRIPS Cloud user interface

By logging into the TRIPS Cloud virtual workspace with a unique login and password, the desired function can be started (see Figure 1). In the example below, a virtual machine is started with a familiar Windows 10 operating system, which greatly flattens the learning curve of a new user. Here the familiar COMOS interface can be launched and used (see Figure 2). All in all, the difference for an end user is that after logging in to a PC, they have to log in to the TRIPS Cloud.

Figure 2: Windows 10 and COMOS start page

The benefits of having COMOS as a Cloud compared to a traditional infrastructure are many. However, the main benefits are as follow:

Full managed service

  • Managed infrastructure (e.g. COMOS database, COMOS updates)
  • Unique user accounts for each user
  • Licenses for Windows and COMOS
  • Service monitoring to identify incidents
  • Fast Deployment of new users

Scalable & Affordable

  • Simple costs calculation through transparent OPEX structure
  • Easy and quick scalability


  • Automated Backups of your COMOS data
  • Integrated Security Features
  • Multi-factor authentication (e.g. SMS or Authenticator App via mobile phone)

COMOS as a Service as a free trial version

Explore the limitless possibilities of our innovative cloud platform with our free trial version. Immerse yourself in a world of flexibility, efficiency and performance that will take your company to the next level.

Our trial version gives you an exclusive insight into the functionalities and benefits of our cloud product. See how easy it is to optimize your workflows, manage resources and unlock the full potential of your COMOS data.

Why should you try our trial version?

  1. No risk:
    Enjoy full access to our platform without making any commitments. Test our services extensively before you decide on long-term use.
  2. Quick implementation:
    Use our cloud solution right away. Our user-friendly interface makes setup and configuration effortless, so you can achieve results quickly.
  3. Comprehensive support:
    Our dedicated support team is at your side during your test phase. We’re here to answer your questions, solve problems and make sure you get the most out of our platform.
  4. Customized solutions:
    Whether you are a small office, a medium-sized company or a large corporation, our cloud platform offers customized solutions that meet your individual requirements.

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