At TRIPS, the responsible treatment of people and resources is a matter of course and part of everyday business life. It follows a corporate concept that is based on the sustainable, conscious and climate-friendly use of energy and raw materials along the value chain from procurement through operational manufacturing and service processes to delivery. Accordingly, our commitment was recognized with the Regionis Award 2012, which the Wirtschaftsjunioren Unterfranken awards to companies that are committed to sustainable and value-oriented corporate management.

Energy and Load Management

For TRIPS, renewable energy is not the only focus of our automation projects. It is also the subject of corporate commitment to environmental protection.

For this purpose, we have established our own energy management department in our company. This department not only works for our customers to document and optimize energy consumption. It is equally active internally, not least to meet our customers’ strict energy efficiency criteria.

We avoid around 27 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year through the photovoltaic system alone, which has been in operation since 2010 to generate electricity. 3,000 modules with a generator rated power of 301.18 kW peak on an area of 2,880 m² have been feeding up to 270,000 kWh into the grid annually since then.

In addition, we operate a combined heat and power plant, which alone provides 5.5kW of electrical and 11kW of thermal power. In addition, the approximately 6,500 m² of office and production space is heated with a wood chip system, which has a thermal output of 150 kW.