At TRIPS responsible dealing with men and resources is self-evident and part of our everyday life. It follows a corporate concept, which is based on a sustainable, conscious and climate-friendly use of energy and resources through the entire value chain beginning with procurement over manufacturing and service processes up to delivery.

Accordingly our commitment has been awarded with the “Regionis-Preis 2012” by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Unterfranken. The award appreciates companies who act notably in a sustainable and value oriented manner.

Energy and Load Management

For TRIPS renewable energy is not only a matter of our automation projects. It is just as well a matter of corporate commitment to preserve our environment.

For this purpose we have installed an own internal energy management department. It is not only busy for our customers to document and optimize their energy consumptions. To the same extent it gets involved internally, not at least to meet the strict energy efficiency criteria of our automation customers.

We avoid about 7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year alone with our photovoltaics plant, which has been producing electricity since 2010. Since then 3000 modules with a nominal generator power of 301.18 kWh peak on an area of 2880 sqm have been feeding 270000 kWh a year into the grid.

Besides that we operate a block heat and power plant, which produces 5,5kW electric and 11kW thermal energy. And our 6500 sqm measuring office and manufacturing area is heated by a wood chip heating system which generates 150kW thermal power.