The responsible, climate-friendly use of energy and resources along the entire operational value chain is a key success factor for industrial companies. It keeps your cost drivers in check and improves the eco-balance. And where your competitor matches you on price and quality, customers are increasingly opting for an environmentally conscious image.

A well thought-out energy management system is required here, which helps you to coordinate the

  • energy procurement,
  • energy conversion,
  • energy distribution and
  • energy use

by suitable strategies and measures for recording, documenting and visualizing your consumption. TRIPS demonstrates over 20 years of expertise from successful projects in the field of energy and load management in plant and building technology.

Energy Monitoring

Starting with a grid analysis, we observe and document your energy consumption and flows, identify consumption focal points and weak points, and record the costs according to their cause, both at the production unit and cost center level. This enables you to meet your legal requirements, for example, reporting obligations on greenhouse gas emissions, without any further effort.

Grid Quality

To ensure your grid quality, we monitor and limit load peaks for you, keep current-dependent grid losses in check, and increase transmission power with specially designed and manufactured power capacitors that compensate for reactive power in your system. The corresponding low-voltage switchgear is connected to the existing building installation, requires little maintenance, and the investment is usually refinanced within one to three years.

Production Planning

Well-founded process engineering know-how has also sharpened our view of your media application in terms of compressed air, refrigeration, heat, drive technology, lighting, and ventilation systems. The connection of these media according to working hours, utilizing intelligent control technology and appropriate plant, process, and process technology, raises potential savings and supports you in optimizing your production planning.

Energy Controlling

Finally, we implement for you a significant energy information system, which provides you with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on consumption, operating, aggregate, production, and condition data for the energetic evaluation of your production plant via automated evaluation. Flexible interfaces transfer the determined data to your ERP system. There, together with theobtained operating data, they supply the basis for economical and future-oriented energy operation management.

Successfull Projects

Numerous examples demonstrate a profound industry and technical expertise that we have been able to systematically build up within the company.

One example is the PLC migration of the refrigeration plant for a well-known premium class automobile manufacturer. The order scope was the installation and migration of a higher-level, a fully automatic control system for the refrigeration network of previously independent refrigeration centers, each of which supplies three paint shops with refrigeration using four refrigeration machines. This network was replaced, the technical status of the stations and their operation was standardized, and a higher-level visualization system was set up. The control serves to:

  • allow the cooling generator control for all three stations to be superordinate
  • enable the input of operating parameters and their influence into the control system
  • distribute the cooling demand optimally to the cooling generators
  • reduce switching frequencies by including the reservoir
  • create power reserves
  • reduce the risk of production downtime
  • to make better economic use of primary energy heat and electricity