Automation concepts made to measure instead of made suitable

Based on your economic and technological goals and framework conditions, our TRIPS colleagues in the Engineering Department develop the technical concept for the automation of your plants. If required, we will support you in creating documentation for the UL-approved market. You will receive a detailed specification sheet whose hardware and software concept follows your specific tasks.

Hardware engineering: High-level CAD/CAE electrical design with EPLAN and on other platforms

Our TRIPS engineers and technicians use all current CAD/CAE project planning tools for your electrical design and circuit diagram generation. So you always get the right solution:

  • EPLAN Electric P8
  • EPLAN Electric PrePlanning
  • EPLAN Engineering Center One (EEC One)
  • EPLAN Fluid: automated project planning and documentation of circuits for fluid engineering systems
  • EPLAN Pro Panel: automated conception and design of control cabinets, switchgear and flexible power distribution systems for power supply in 3D
  • WSCAD Suite X
  • Aucotec Engineering Base

Object-oriented engineering = added value for our customers

If you have not yet dealt with the optimization of your complete engineering workflow, we can advise you on the possible applications of object-oriented engineering tools. Do not miss the chance to set up your complete plant life cycle in an optimal and efficient way.

We take over the customizing for a continuous engineering and manufacturing process, from the conception, engineering and switchgear construction to the commissioning. For an integrated electrical, measurement and control engineering, we also provide the following services for plant planning

with its components for the respective planning phases.

In addition, we design and implement interfaces between the systems and IT coupling options for electronic data exchange via the Internet.

You can benefit from

  • from our many years of experience in the introduction of object-oriented engineering tools
  • from the best possible handling of your projects


We also pass on our extensive experience in the following areas to you and provide you with competent and individual advice:

  • risk / hazard analysis
  • creation of the safety matrix and design of the SISTEMA calculation
  • designs for handling hazardous substances and in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • energy management / energy efficiency