Automation concepts made to measure instead of made suitable

The technical concept for the automation of your plant is being created based on your economic and technologic aims and limiting factors. In a selected timeline you will get a detailed specification sheet. A hardware and software concept, due to your specific tasks follows.

You dispose of:

  • system configurations
  • functional characteristics
  • profitability analysis, e.g. possibilities for reducing energy costs
  • directory of services (GAEB format)
  • RI-installation plans for process technology and EMC technique
  • function plans (Aucotec Aucoplan)
  • construction supervision

The project planning of your automation solution accounts for corresponding standards and equipment restrictions. If required, we will assist you creating documentations for the UL-approbated market.

Hardware-Engineering: CAD/CAE Electrical Design with EPLAN and other systems

As CAD-/CAE project-planning tools are applied:

  • EPLAN Electric P8
  • EPLAN Engineering Center One (EEC One)
  • WSCAD 5.5
  • WSCAD Suite Professional 2015
  • Aucotec Engineering Base 

For an integrated electrical, instrumentation and control engineering we use

for plant engineering with all its components. Moreover, we design and realize interfaces between the systems and data couplings for electronical data exchange via internet.


At last our consulting team supports you competently and comprehensively in terms of