Service at TRIPS goes far beyond the installation and assembly of your switchgear. Our team travels to international construction sites from China to Mexico, and from Sweden to the Gulf of Guinea for project commissioning.

On-site they commission our automation solutions, set initiators and actuators, and perform signal checks.

In case of a malfunction at your existing plant, the TRIPS technicians quickly find the error, correct it and optimize the processes and functionalities together with the colleagues of our software engineering department.

To ensure that the project progresses smoothly, we can provide you with an experienced supervisor on request, who will monitor the construction site and instruct your installation personnel efficiently and as required.

You have also at command:

  • Hotline and telephone support in Germany and abroad
  • Short response times and IT-based remote maintenance
  • Periodic, preventive service of your plants
  • Hardware and software experts with Nuclear Safety Standards Commission Certification

TRIMOTE – Online FAT & Service

With our remote FAT solution, we can assist you directly in performing your FAT or you can borrow the smart data glasses at a daily rate and perform the work with your service people – via MS Teams, you can start immediately with no major setup required.

The intuitive voice control makes operation simple and straightforward, and via the device, you are directly connected to our examiners and can access them from anywhere in the world.

Benefit from the advantages:

  • Save time and travel costs
    • less travel effort means lower costs
  • Know-how concentration
    • Simultaneous connection of several persons (customer/client)
  • accessible from anywhere and at any time in the world perfect
  • freedom of movement
    • see, talk and work with free hands
  • positive side effect
    • reduce CO² emissions by limiting travel