Together with Siemens, the complete setup of an energy storage system with the Sicharge D fast charging station was presented and demonstrated live on the TRIPS company premises. The solution is initially planned for service stations and can be expanded modularly with additional battery cabinets.

The energy storage system helps to intervene in a grid-friendly manner in existing grid connections with limited grid connection capacities and to dynamically compensate for called-up power peaks during charging processes of e-cars. This creates faster charging options without placing a greater burden on grid stability.

Existing connections to the mains can only provide a maximum power of 35/40 kW. In order to be able to operate fast charging stations with more than 100 kW, a storage system with an inverter output of 184 kW and a capacity of 164 kWh is used. This design allows for several complete charges per day without a drop in performance.

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