“One waits for time to change, the other grabs it forcefully.”

Dante Alighieri

We are going to grab it, because “Our business is family business”

For 33 years Caroline Trips & Christian Trips, as siblings, have been developing the TRIPS Group in the 2nd generation. Time to prepare the company for the #nextgeneration and pave the way for the future – for their children.

Linus Trips, Christian’s son, has already been integrated into the company since 2019 and successfully leads our digitization spin-off HUBSTER.S GmbH together with Michael Strauss. In the coming years, Paulina and Jonas Trips, also Christian’s children, and Ferdinand Winter, Caroline’s son, will be integrated into the family business and introduced accordingly. They then form the #nextgeneration and continue to write the TRIPS success story.

All children want to take their part in the continued success and securing the future of TRIPS Group. What sounds like an empty phrase to many is actually so for family entrepreneurs like us. Because our company is our future, but also the future of our employees and their families. Thus, we bear responsibility for the entire team as part of the #TRIPSFamily.

As a regional company, we are rooted in the district of Schweinfurt and at our other locations, and our employees and their families sometimes happen to meet in the city. For us, they are not simply staff numbers; we do everything we can to guarantee them – and thus their families – a secure income and to offer them all a job with a secure future.

In addition, our customers also benefit from the usual quality and reliability paired with new, fresh and creative innovations through the #nextgeneration. New business areas such as business intelligence, digital twin, energy management, managed digital services such as COMOS as a Service and virtualization not only secure our future or offer attractive jobs – they also create new opportunities for our customers to develop together with us.

We are ready for tomorrow