With the new campaign for the Corona vaccination, TRIPS together with the district of Schweinfurt support the campaign initiated by the Federal Ministry of Health under the motto #ärmelhoch…for the Corona vaccination.

Under this hashtag, there are already numerous posts on social networks, billboards, TV or ads. Each person has individual reasons why she or he supports Corona vaccination. The desire for community is high on the list for many.

Vaccinations have been carried out in the city and district of Schweinfurt since December of last year. In the meantime, the joint vaccination center for the city and district at the Volksfestplatz has been joined by field offices in rural areas, and doctors in private practice are also supporting the vaccination campaign. Supplies of vaccine are steadily increasing, so it is expected that a large number of citizens from the city and district of Schweinfurt who are willing to be vaccinated can be offered vaccination in the coming months.

Because: This pandemic can only be successfully contained if the greatest possible number of citizens are vaccinated.

The campaign of the district consists of two parts: On the one hand, six personalities from different areas of society in the district participate in a poster campaign. In short quotes, they describe why they support vaccination. In the coming weeks, these posters will be seen in the 29 communities. In addition, as of now, the website of the Schweinfurt District Office at www.landkreis-schweinfurt.de/aermelhoch also features other personalities from the district who also briefly describe why they want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Furthermore, the Facebook account of the District Office will briefly introduce these individuals in regular posts on a weekly basis.

The Schweinfurt District Office, as the initiator of this local campaign, welcomes any support for this action so that our society can move faster towards normality and asks citizens to participate in social media and beyond.

click here for the campaign of the district of Schweinfurt for the Corona vaccination

Further info:

Page of the Federal Ministry of Health on Corona vaccination https://www.zusammengegencorona.de/impfen
Latest info from the Federal Ministry of Health on vaccination status https://impfdashboard.de

This article is based in part on the press release of the district of Schweinfurt https://www.landkreis-schweinfurt.de/aktuelles/presseportal/details/news/aermelhochfuer-die-corona-schutzimpfung-start-der-kampagne-des-landkreises-schweinfurt