The TRIPS company has presented 50 face shields and 100 door grabbers to Prof. Dr. med. Detlef Meyer from the surgery department of the Leopoldina Hospital in Schweinfurt.

From left to right: Bastian Zwierlein, web developer TRIPS gmbh; Prof. Dr. med. Detlef Meyer, Chief Physician Surgery Leopoldina Hospital Schweinfurt and Christian Trips, Managing Director TRIPS gmbh at the handover of the face shilds

Due to a great effort of some employees, the whole TRIPS team, that means each of the more than 250 employees, was equipped with two self-sewn community masks and a door grabber each.

Karin Binder and Hildegard Kessler made the masks in hours of homework and the door grabbers came from the private 3D printers of Bastian Zwierlein and Daniel Wyschka, both web developers at TRIPS. From this commitment and the idea to realize aids via 3D printing, the production of face-shields as a donation for the Leopoldina hospital was developed together with the management. The holder of the face shields are printed from PLA plastic and then completed with a thin, transparent plastic shield and an elastic band. The shield may prevent infectious agents from entering the eyes through droplets – for example through sneezing and coughing.

As only a limited number of the mounts could be printed at the same time, the printers ran around the clock since the week before Easter.