The lime and cement industries play a key role in the entire construction value chain. The global production capacity of around 4.1 billion tons of cement is shared by a small number of competitors. Companies need to increase productivity while making sure they reduce costs.

Just the use of energy-efficient kiln and grinding plants and an effective use of raw materials and fuels keep this competition at a distance. The same applies to the extraction and processing of the most important raw material, lime. In order to have an advantage over the competitors, you need high-performance products that are also energy-efficient and offer maximum availability and flexibility.

As a Siemens Solution Partner, certified in the highest module level “Industry”, among others for the cement industry, we speak your language. In this case, we rely on SIMATIC PCS 7 Minerals Automation Standard CEMAT, a process control system from Siemens specially developed for the cement, building materials and mining sectors. The program allows you to monitor and control the complete production chain from the mining of raw materials to the packaging of the final product. In addition, add-on modules for various tasks offer many expansion options.

At TRIPS, you also benefit from first-class service quality, starting with software engineering of the control systems and operator stations, through installation, wiring and testing of the switchgear, including CAD engineering, to on-site commissioning.