Self-confident counterproposal or sustainable extension? In times of ambitious emission targets and limited resources renewable energy in relation to conventional is standing for both.

TRIPS is familiar with the numerous challenges, which come along with the construction and operation of plants for the generation and transmission of renewable energy on the control and automation level.


Regarding wind energy TRIPS delivers switchgear as well as control and protection switchgears for German and international on- and offshore parks as well as for the appropriate HVDC. The scope includes station control systems, communication and interface systems, valve electronics, DC control, and protection systems. These systems meet the highest requirements regarding the reliability of the more and more productive wind power plants which are designed for long operation times meeting extreme weather conditions.

Biogas / Biomass

TRIPS also offers a broad know-how base to plant constructors of biomass or biogas plants, which convert liquid manure and vegetable waste into electricity and heat with the help of the most modern control technology. Here complete automation is used, starting with the CAD flow chart creation, programming of the control system as well as visualization, and switchgear construction up to the commissioning of these self-sufficient energy centers.


We offer the same portfolio of services for complete wood pelleting plant construction. It is used, for example, on the trunk wood and wood chip storage yards, in plants for chipping, screening, and grinding, for storage silos up to the boiler plants that generate the required heat.

Water Power

TRIPS engineers and technicians can also provide convincing solutions for the automation and modernization of hydroelectric power plants. They set the highest standards in terms of availability, monitoring, and operation in the implementation of I&C systems for hydropower and turbine control.

Geothermical energy

Last but not least, in the field of geothermal energy, the TRIPS team contributes well-founded expertise and experience in engineering and switchgear construction for the corresponding power generation plants and building management systems.